What clients have told me:

“You must have thought it was chaos! The last four extra days have added a whole new interpretation to the entire paper. It is amazing!”
Annelize van R. (Masters thesis)

“Thank you for your conscientious work in editing the manuscript. It reads so smooth and is really perfect. I am so pleased and happy while reading it.”
Dr. Diana U. (Ph.D. dissertation)

“Thanks for your thorough and quick service. I am most happy with it. Everything    looks great.”                                                                                                                                        Dr. Claudia S. (Ph.D. dissertation)

“Thank you very much for the fine editing. It’s really great what you did. In places I found it totally different from what I wrote, as in many instances you were reading my mind with regard to what I wanted to say.”
Dr. Hussien B. (scientific article)

“You did a great job! I really appreciate the quality of your work.”
Dr. Habib P. (scientific articles)

“A manuscript is like a baby. It is very difficult to entrust it into the hands of a stranger. However, your meticulous handling of my ‘baby’ immediately set my mind at ease. You love what you do, and I love what you did.”
Klaas B. (filmmaker)

“Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job. I sincerely appreciate your help in this task, especially as it was at such very short notice.”
Prof. Ellen H. (Faculty of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

“We value your work very highly.”
Vertaalbureau van het Ministerie van LNV

“Donna, you have done a marvellous job editing this book, and it was a joy to work      with you!”                                                                                                                                           Dr. Marian K. (Ph.D. dissertation)