Services & Information

Professional: Science/Medicine; Humanities/Social Sciences
Business: Newsletters; Website content; Articles; Blog text
Academic: Term papers/Essays; Theses/Dissertations

These documents are well organized with generally acceptable grammar and style, but require fine-tuning. I check your work carefully for grammar, punctuation, format, word usage, and spelling errors, and I highlight sentences whose meaning is not clear.

Basic editing:
These documents require a more in-depth examination and revision. As well as correction of small common errors, they also require limited reorganization of the text for clarity, logic, and consistency.

Substantive editing:
These documents require intensive review and major reorganization. Large sections of text may need to be rewritten. I work with you closely throughout the editing process to ensure that the intended meaning is not altered as a result of editing changes.

Using provided material, I prepare brochures, advertising copy, website content, and other documents.

I work with MS Word’s Track Changes tool so that authors can see exactly what alterations have been made. I also indicate why I have made specific changes if I feel the reason won’t be immediately obvious to the author. Upon delivery of the edited document, I provide a summary of open questions and conflicting information that the client might need to be aware of. I also maintain style sheets, which are used for consistency in future projects for the client.

Rates & Deadline Information:

  • Our initial contact will be by email:;
  • Prices and deadlines agreed upon will be confirmed by email;
  • My per word or fixed rates are attractive and competitive;
  • Generally I’ll need a brief excerpt from your document to determine at no cost to you the level of editing required. (Most documents range between needing basic and substantive editing.) I’ll then give you my quote. If you’re satisfied with my assessment and with the price, we can agree upon a deadline for the assignment;
  • Deadlines will be reasonable, dependent upon the nature of the document and the time needed to finish it. In special circumstances and for a slightly higher fee I’ll undertake small “rush” jobs;
  • A special rate and appropriate terms can be negotiated for jobs with unusual or extra requirements: for instance, “ghost writing” projects or those needing additional research;
  • Payment (currency conversion: is due within 14 days of the invoice being sent following completion of the assignment. Payment can be made by international bank transfer or online money transfer, e.g. PayPal or GWK Money Transfer. Other methods can be discussed as necessary;
  • All quoted fees exclude VAT (21%). In some instances - depending on the country - VAT is not charged.