Freelance Copyediting Portfolio Since 1986

Copyediting of geology and biology books for Springer-Verlag GmbH


· OTKLIK Science Research Organization, Kyiv

· Dnipro Publishers (works of literary fiction), Kyiv

· Mystetstvo Publishers (books on art), Kyiv

Immunology (736 pp) by Jan Klein and Vaclav Horejsi (Blackwell Publishers, ISBN: 0632042281)

Where Do We Come From: The Molecular Evidence for Human Descent (462 pp) by Jan Klein and Naoyuki Takahata (Springer, ISBN: 9783540425649)

Our Vanishing Relative: The Status of Wild Orang-Utans at the Close of the Twentieth Century (486 pp) by Herman Rijksen and E. Meijaard (Kluwer Academic Press, ISBN: 079235754X)

Linguistic Dimensions of Crisis Talk (233 pp) by Dr. Claudia Sassen (John Benjamins Publishing Company, ISBN: 90-272-5379)

The Deception by Frederik H. Kreuger (Quantes Uitgeverij, ISBN: 90-5959-031-7)

The Life and Work of Han Van Meegeren, Master-forger by Frederik H. Kreuger (First published in Dutch as Han van Meegeren, Master-forger. ISBN: 90–76988–53–6)

Mykola Bidniak (biography of the Canadian-Ukrainian artist) for Mystyetstvo, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2005

Ongoing copyediting of numerous scientific papers published in journals such as Immunogenetics, Tissue Antigens, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, Science, Nature, Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Molecular Ecology, Journal of Immunology, and Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, Erasmus Law Review, Methods of Information in Medicine, Journal of Virology, European Review of Contract Law, International Journal of Medical Informatics, BMC Genomics, Health Promotion International, Medical Education, International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management

Editing of business documents as well as CVs and reports for publication

Editing (and German-English translation) for Cover Story, an Amsterdam-based provider of English language content to international publishers

PhD dissertation Integrated Treatment of Wastewater in the Tapioca Processing Industry (182 pp) by Phuong Mai Huynh Ngoc (2006)

Oxfam Novib study Engaging Diasporas: How governments and development agencies can support diaspora involvement in the development of countries of origin (224 pp) by Dr. Hein de Haas (2006)

Wind Energy: Facts and Fiction (68 pp) by J.A. Halkema (Quantes Uitgeverij, 2006)

Whales and Dolphins of the North Sea by Gerard Peet and Kees Camphuysen (Fontaine Uitgevers, December 2006)

PhD dissertation The Acceptance of Energy Reduction Options in Relation to the Performance and Organisation of Household Activities (280 pp) by Diana Uitdenbogerd (January 2007)

PhD dissertation Women’s Agency in Relation to Population and the Environment in Rural Nepal by Narayani Tiwari (June 2007)

Film script Wallenberg for Amsterdam film director Klaas Bense (May 2007)

Masters thesis The Kyoto Protocol: Emission Trading and WTO Compatibility by Annelize van Rooyen (June 2007)

Engineering flesh: Towards an ethics of lived integrity by Mechteld-Hanna Derksen and Klasien Horstman (September 2007)

Film script The Play Off (de Rekening) for Amsterdam film director Dick Maas (May 2008)

PhD dissertation Fragmented Lives: Reconstructing Rural Livelihoods in Post-Genocide Rwanda (400 pp) by Marian Koster (June 2008)

Report: Development of a New Diet for Kodiak Bears (50 pp) by Jolanda Polet and Timo Weber (June 2008)

Masters thesis  Preventing Genocide: Possibility or Prevarication? (59 pp) by Erica Pasini (July 2008)

Masters thesis  A Dramatic Perspective on the Virtual World Second Life: or how to resolve the immersion vs. augmentation debate (65 pp) by Paulien Dresscher (August 2008)

Diverse articles for publication in the EUR quarterly Erasmus Law Review and other legal journals (2007-2009)

Diverse articles on medical informatics (Erasmus University) (2007-2009) and on medical/social-related topics (AMC) (2008-2009), NIVEL (2009), and RUNM (2009)

TV-series scripts Behind the Clouds, On Time, and Between Heaven and Earth for Amsterdam film director Dick Maas (February 2009)